European Action on Drugs (2009-2012)


The European Action on Drugs (EAD) campaign brought together more than 1 300 signatories from 27 EU countries to tackle the drug issue from all angles of society. The European Commission launched the EAD campaign on 26 June 2009, the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Its goal was to raise awareness on drugs and risks related to drug abuse, and to promote dialogue and exchanges of experience within European civil society.

Actions speak louder than words

Under the motto “Actions speak louder than words”, EAD signatories made creative commitments to raise awareness on drugs, ranging from one-off actions such as distributing flyers through to broader actions, including holding a series of conferences and campaigns, performing theatre plays, setting up games, writing songs, offering advice and help, and much, much more.

EAD signatories included singers like Daniel Depienne (Luxembourg) and While (Italy), race driver Pedro Couceiro (Portugal), and companies (KPMG Cyprus and SNCF France). Also involved were various NGOs such as The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity led by Jerzy Owsiak (journalist and organiser of the Woodstock Festival in Poland), institutions active in the drug field, police departments and prisons, schools and numerous individuals. "Testimonials" were also emplyed to support the campaign from such celebrities as the Greek-French entertainer Nikos Aliagas, the famous Italian journalist Paola Saluzzi and the renowned Italian singer NEK.

Top ten stories of actions on drugs

Read ten inspiring stories  of creative actions against drugs from this Europe-wide campaign.

EAD in numbers:

  • 1 322 EAD signatories in 2009-12, from 27 EU countries
  • Greatest participation from the NGO sector and individuals (NGOs and associations: 426, individuals: 413, schools and universities: 213, companies: 115, local and public authorities: 83, other: 72)
  • Highest number of EAD signatories in Italy, followed by Romania and France (number of signatories  in  the 10 countries with the highest level of participation, out of 27 countries – Italy: 171, Romania: 103, France: 96, Poland: 92, Germany: 80, Hungary: 80, Spain: 69, Czech Republic: 57, Slovenia: 54, UK: 53)
  • EAD national events organised in Rome/Italy (2009), Berlin/Germany (2010), London/UK (2010), Warsaw/Poland (2010) and Lisbon/Portugal (2011) stimulated networking between European civil society actors
  • EAD annual events on 26 June, the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, organised in Brussels (launch event 2009 – annual event 2010) and Warsaw (annual event 2011, co-organised with the Polish EU Presidency), fostered contacts and exchanges of information between European civil society actors 



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